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"totwoo" is an App connected with the fashionsmart jewelry totwoo. it has two versions: Chinese and English. As the first smart jewelry combining social communication,wearable technology and fashion design, totwoo was created by Wang Jieming, a Chinese famous mobile Internet entrepreneur, and Marco Dal Maso, an uprising Italian jewelry designer. In October 2015 totwoowas launched in Milan of Italy and got lots of good comment from media and fashion bloggers.

Totwoo, use technology to express love and luck:
1.Totwoo Message: You can send a "totwoo "by shaking or clapping at the jewelry, the other jewelry paired with yours through app will flash and vibrate.This “totwoo” is a secret message which just you and he/she understands. It could be “I miss you” or “I am sorry”. You can also just send the message through the app. A round trip “totwoo” between you and your friend is called a Twoo Message.
2.Notification To Your Totwoo: Set up your personalized flash and vibration of jewelry to notify you the important things.
3.Walk & Carories: The jewelry will calculate your steps and calories consumed automatically and quickly flashes and vibrates to “congratulate you” while you achieve the goal.
4.Exercise time reminding: it can monitor your status and remind you after prolonged sitting.
5.Shinning Time: When you open the "shinning mode" in App, the jewelry will continuously flash. It is easily to become the focus of the party.
6.UV Monitoring: The jewelry can detect the UV intensity at any moment and provide suggestions on sunprotection by APP.
7.YES OR NO: Shake your totwoo and she will help you to make a decision.

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